The Problem of pain


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The Problem of pain


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We all feel pain.

It's a universal experience which physically demands our attention. 

Prof Mick Thacker, a world-renowned researcher into the problem of pain, is a leading voice in exploring the pain experience through the lens of predictive processing.

Prof. Mick Thacker

Professor Mick Thacker is investigating the perception of pain and is working towards his second PhD under the eminent Philosopher and Cognitive Scientist Professor Andy Clark on biologising the predictive processing model for pain.

But, Mick is first and foremost a Physiotherapist. His ultimate motivation is to better understand the symptoms of the patients and to help the clinicians working with them.

He trained as a Physiotherapist at West Middlesex University Hospital and progressed quickly to the role of Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist across multiple sites in London. He completed his PhD at King’s College, which began under Pat Wall and ended under Steve McMahon, and CCL2 as an important mediator into the production of neuropathic pain. He has lectured all over the world, and led the world renowned Pain Science and Society at MSc at Kings’ College London for several years.

Mick’s current research has several strands including; neuroimaging, computational neuroscience and both clinical trials and experimental pain research. He is involved in several art based projects focusing on pain. He has experience of both quantitative and qualitative methods and their application to clinical practice

Mick can be found on twitter @dibbygibby

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